FiO is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ecosystem with blockchain tool specializing in digital asset management, integration, & transformation

Enterprise Solution for the Digital Transformation

Blockchain Integration with Zero Learning-curve

Provide easy-made and easy-to-use technology business solutions for next-gen asset digitization and blockchain applications
Deliver a SaaS platform for all companies, to implement blockchain, integrate digital assets and analyze distributed user behavior
Drive the real commercialization of blockchain in the business world
Create an ecosystem for blockchain-driven business growth, without interrupting any existing business operations

FiO - Business Solution
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Digital Transformation
  • Zero Learning-Curve

Data Management: A centralized portal to manage your transaction data, user pattern data, and asset certificates

Digital Asset Integration: Integrate your digital asset seamlessly with FiO & EXR

Blockchain Application: Customizable solution for all businesses

FiO – How does it work?
Hybrid-Chain Powered by FiODLT

FiO Distributed Ledger utilizes a hybrid-chain technology jointly developed with IBM

FiO hybrid-chain enables you to choose who you want to share your data with

Super charge your existing wallet with FiO to enable blockchain capabilities

Low infrastructure cost, fixed transaction rate, & zero learning-curve

The FiO Hybrid-Chain Solution


Fully automated nodes equals no mining cost


Customisable & controllable transaction properties to best suit the individual use case


Unparalleled scalability due to precisely controlled block time

Super Charge Your Existing Wallet into a Blockchain Wallet

FiO in Action


Donkey Move is a Taiwanese peer-to-peer ridesharing transportation platform designed for the elderlies, with multiple county and city governments back its launch. FiO tailored the driver rating system for Donkey Move to harness the transparent & unalterable characteristics of blockchain technology to ensure that all driver and rider rating cannot be altered. Due to FiO's privacy & safety oriented design, customers are given the ability to compartmentalize their personal data and decide what to release onto the Donkey Move platform. i.e. Driver information such as taxi license, driver's age, driver rating, and driver reviews can be released onto the platform for public review, but personal information such as criminal record, driver's name, and license information will only be available for internal audit.


Travel TimeX is Asia's largest boutique watch retailer, with retail stores situated in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Travel TimeX is planning on utilizing FiO to to combat counterfieting amongst other functions. FiO enables Travel TimeX to trace and track every piece of watch ever sold within its network. Data incorporated will include production process, production date, serial number, certificate of authenticity, sales information, and secondary market exchanges. Secondary data such as warranty record, and transactions on the secondary market will be recorded as well. The wealth of data previously inaccessible to Travel TimeX will allow them to tap into the lucrative secondary market by providing authentication services. Travel TimeX can now seamlessly track the sales of each product on the secondary market.

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