Toolkits on SaaS

Imagine it in blockchain then build it with FiO.

FiO’s toolkits and pre-built templates give you the keys to turn your business data into easy-to-use blockchain formation within minutes

FiO collaborates with IBM and R3, runs on Hyperledger Fabric and Corda, and allows users to create data that’s interoperable with public chains like Ethereum, IOTA, EOS and Zilliqa.

About FiO

FiO has been adopted with sample cases by well-established businesses in 10 diverse industries, and is now being applied to marketing and advertising, ecommerce, agriculture, entertainment, retail and sales, transportation, media, education as well as health information.

Providing easy-to-create technology tools on an easy-to-use platform base to build next-generation asset digitization and blockchain applications.

Driving the real commercialization of blockchain with new technology opportunities e.g. . AI, IoT, and 5G, in the business world.

Delivering a non-technical and codeless SaaS platform for all companies, using blockchain technology to deliver integrated digital assets and analyze distributed user behavior through a cell-structured data ecosystem.

Creating an enhanced ecosystem for cohesive blockchain-driven business growth- without interrupting any existing business operations and technical architecture.

Who We've Worked With

J Team ( is a popular Taiwanese professional eSports team owned by JY Entertainment, Jeremy Lin, NBA player and Asian superstar Jay Chou.

OMGCard is partnering up with Convey ( in HK to provide a multi-stores and omni-channel solution for a company in China with a client base of 400,000 stores across China.

DaChan Food (Asia) Limited ( is one of the largest chicken meat producers and feed suppliers in China and Taiwan. At present, DaChan has a total of 32 production facilities.


Benefits and Features

Quick and easy to use

Self-Adaptive and customizable

Open and evolving

Requires no coding skills


Over 500+ function modules help you to develop your solution with the specific functions you want, and it keeps increasing.


Over 100+ creations for you to build the solutions you want for your business, and it keeps evolving.


Over 20+ industrial or purpose specific solutions for you to implement and customize to fit your needs, you can do it or we can help u do it.

Pricing and Plans


    1 Month Free

    Package includes:

    BLK: 600 TRX

    Data Decrypt: 600 TRX

    API call: 1,000 TRX

    Email Notify: 100

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    3 Months Free

    Package includes:

    Start Up-l Plan

    with 40% discount for 12 months

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    1 Month Free

    Package includes:

    IOTA: 1,500 TRX

    Data Decrypt: 1500 TRX

    API call: 3,000 TRX

    Email Notify: 300

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    1 Month Free

    Please Contact us:
    [email protected]

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    1 Month Free

    Please Contact us:
    [email protected]

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    Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) enterprise FiO held an informative and well-attended inaugural tech meetup in Taipei on Friday November 8, 2019. The community event featured talks by its developers and a senior IBM consultant, several product demonstrations and productive discussions between attendees.
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  • SaaS Provider FiO Signs Partnership with Taiwanese Accelerator after "Hit AI & Blockchain" Summit

    The international SaaS provider FiO is closing out a bumper 2019 in style, thanks to its new partnership announcement and high profile at a recent blockchain trade show.
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  • FiO Uses Blockchain to Fight Coronavirus in Taiwan

    Taiwan's concern in response to the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus outbreak has forced its local authorities to strictly ration the distribution of surgical masks and alleviate manpower shortages in repackaging bulk supplies through the help of volunteers. To facilitate this daunting logistical process, authorities created two open projects in a collaboration with the private sector, involving the likes of SaaS-blockchain enterprise FiO.
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Flexible. Interoperable. Operational.

the Building Blocks for your Future.

Since our inception in 2018, FiO has had a simple vision: "Make technology super easy for everyone".

We’re a SaaS company that helps businesses and individuals derive the optimal value of their data through blockchain and AI technology that are cost-effective and easy to use.

We believe that blockchain is transforming the world economy for the better. FiO’s platform and dApp play their part by lowering blockchain’s financial and technical barriers for traditional industries. FiO’s simple user interface allows anyone to create non-technical solutions to fix their pain points.

In January 2020, FiO helped contain the coronavirus in Taiwan through decentralized recordkeeping of medical supplies. In March, we’re combating fake news proliferation by helping authors digitally sign their published articles.

How does FiO work?

Hybrid-chain powered by FiODLT and FiOMCC.

FiODLT Distributed Ledger Technology utilizes a hybrid-chain technology platform jointly developed with IBM.
FiOMCC Multi-Cross Chain integrates cross-blockchain protocol (CBP) and allows easy interoperability and flexible transferability of crossing different public chains and allianced ledger groups.
FiO hybrid-chain enables you to choose who you want to share your data with. Super charge your existing technology infrastructure with FiO to enable blockchain capabilities.

Business & Partners

20+ sample cases in 10 Industries and 4 Countries